Katlego from Skeem Saam shows off his tattoos

Katlego from Skeem Saam shows off his tattoos

On SABC1’s educative soap opera Skeem Saam, actor Patrick Seleka, who plays Katlego Peterson, has displayed his hitherto unseen tattoos.

One wouldn’t know from looking at him that the actor has some outrageous tattoos hidden on his back.

The character Skeem Saam is always portrayed as a sweet, innocent young man who doesn’t want to trip on anyone’s toes, and his tattoos are never shown.


Shoki has been named as the brand’s new spokesperson.

In an Instagram post, he displayed his tattooed back and promised his followers that he would one day explain each tattoo’s significance.

One day, he promised, “I’ll tell the meaning of all my tattoos and the tale behind them.”


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