Jabu Pule Mhlangu’s: Heartfelt Letter to His Late Mother



Jabu Pule Mhlangu, a legendary figure in the annals of Kaizer Chiefs, touched the hearts of many with his emotional letter to his late mother. While he garnered adoration from countless fans during his time wearing the AmaKhosi jersey, his recent revelation unveiled a side of him that not everyone may be familiar with. In this article, we’ll delve into the heartfelt sentiments expressed in Jabu Pule’s letter and the overwhelming response it garnered.


The Fond Memories:

Jabu Pule, once a shining star for Kaizer Chiefs, reminisced about his late mother in a touching video. The footage depicted her as a youthful woman, indicating that she had passed away some time ago. The deep longing in Jabu’s eyes revealed the profound love and respect he held for her.

Jabu Pule Mhlangu's Heartfelt Letter to His Late Mother

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The Emotional Revelation:

In his letter, Jabu Pule candidly revealed that not everyone holds him in high regard, a revelation that caught many by surprise. In a heartfelt conversation with his late mother, he shared his struggles, stating, “I miss you, Mom. People are assassinating my character as if you didn’t carry me for 9 months. But you taught me to accept those who speak ill of me because abahambi kulenhlela engiyihambayo.”

A Profound Love:

Amidst the emotional turmoil, Jabu Pule expressed the depth of his love and longing for his mother. His words, “I love you and miss you daily. Rip, Mom,” resonated with the audience, touching the hearts of those who watched the video.

The Outpouring of Support:

Following Jabu Pule’s poignant letter, an outpouring of support flooded in from fans and well-wishers. They wished for his late mother to rest in peace and offered words of encouragement to the legendary footballer during this trying time.


Jabu Pule Mhlangu’s letter to his late mother has not only shed light on his personal struggles but has also showcased the genuine love and admiration he continues to hold for the woman who brought him into this world. In times of adversity, the support of fans and well-wishers has undoubtedly been a source of strength for this Kaizer Chiefs legend.

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