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SkeemSaam:Isaac Generally Winds Up Engaged With Zwide’s Family

He first helped Confidence get rid of Funani’s better half, and now that Alex had been accidentally shot by Nkosi, he is once again helping them get rid of his body. As the previous evening’s episode came to a close, Isaac was contemplating becoming a state observer, but as this evening’s mysteries reveal, Isaac will continue to prove his dependability to the Zwides by refusing to become a state observer. Funani is happy with Isaac’s decision, but later decides to blame Isaac for Alex’s murder in order to save his son from going to jail.

Rea, Isaac’s better half, urged him to become a state observer in order to prevent other family losses. Isaac knows he’s making the right choice, but the next day he finds himself in jail.

given that the Zwides have connected him to the murder in the days to come.

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