Is James Sithole Leaving Scandal?’s Scandal has unquestionably captivated the hearts of millions of soap opera enthusiasts with its riveting drama and compelling storylines. The show has consistently elevated its quality with engaging narratives that have ensnared the audience’s attention. Despite its extensive run, Scandal has stood the test of time by infusing fresh characters into the mix alongside familiar faces.

The Evolution of Scandal

The production team has masterfully woven new characters like Mdala, Nhlamulo, the Kubekas, and more into the tapestry of the show. Surprisingly, even actors without prior experience have excelled in their roles, breathing life into the storylines and keeping viewers glued to their screens.

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The departure of Romeo Medupe’s character, portrayed by Hungani Ndlovu, tugged at the heartstrings of Scandal fans. Yet, Nhlamulo and Mdala have seamlessly stepped into the spotlight, offering thrilling narratives that keep us hooked.

The Arrival of James Sithole

In 2021, the South African actor, James Sithole, graced the Scandal stage, quickly capturing the affections of fans with his charismatic performance. For Sithole, joining the cast marked a significant career milestone, as it was his first major role.

Speaking about his debut on Scandal, the actor expressed his excitement, “I had always aspired to be part of one of’s most iconic shows. I’ve been a fervent Scandal! viewer from its inception, with my favorite storyline being Mangi’s battle with drug addiction. I looked up to Sello Maake-ka Ncube, and I dreamt of becoming part of this soap, potentially as Maake-ka Ncube’s other son, mending the life of his brother trapped in a drug crisis.”

Mdala’s Mysterious Behavior

Lately, a curious storyline has unfolded on the soap opera, leaving fans speculating about James Sithole’s future on the show. Mdala’s behavior has raised questions, with his secretive nature and peculiar demeanor suggesting that something is amiss. He appears burdened, and his distress is evident. It’s as if he’s concealing a secret or grappling with a grave ailment that necessitates medical attention.

Scandal has garnered praise in recent months for its masterful storytelling, and the writers have been lauded for not prolonging story arcs unnecessarily. However, the unfolding mystery surrounding Mdala has set tongues wagging and sparked concerns among fans who fear that James Sithole might be departing the TV soap.

Setting the Record Straight

Amid the swirling rumors, Tinashe Eugene took the initiative to contact the actor himself for clarification. In response, James Sithole firmly dismissed any notion of his departure from Scandal. He confirmed that he is still under contract with the show and emphasized that his primary focus is on collaborating with the Scandal crew. He made it clear that his priorities lie with his on-screen endeavors and not with the speculative claims circulating on social media.

In conclusion, while the storyline may keep viewers on edge, it appears that James Sithole, the talented actor who portrays Mdala, is here to stay on’s Scandal. His dedication to his role and commitment to the show’s success reassure fans that there are more enthralling narratives to come. So, keep your eyes glued to the screen, for the saga of Scandal is far from over.

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