” The ending of Imbewu broke my heart and left me unemployed”, said the actress

A South African actress DISCUSSES the difficulties facing the acting business.

the actress who has gained notoriety in this nation through a number of films and television programs. Mandisa Vilakazi, who has been in a variety of television productions such as Uzalo, Imbewu, and Durban Gen, claims that despite the challenges she has had during her three years in the business, she is not complaining since she is aware of the reasons why she entered the field.

Mandisa, who portrayed Liyana in Zalo, said, “Although there have been issues, I have benefited greatly from participating in three big plays created in KwaZulu-Natal, which is second to none. This woman is now making headlines because to her playing the lead role in the movie Valley Of A Thousand Hills, which is shown on Netflix.

This movie,  shown at the Durban International Film Festival the previous year, earn the international Cannes Award. Mandisa portrays a woman who is in love with another woman in this movie. She adds that out of all the situations she has played in, this one has presented the greatest challenges. This moment is what led to her nomination at this year’s Simon Mabhunu Sabela Awards.

The director of the program was always monitoring her to ensure that she focused on this area without stepping on the rights of individuals who are homosexual, she said, adding that she had to be careful to perform it in a respectful way.

Mandisa stated that this industry is her life since she entered it out of a desire to learn more about it rather than for the sake of fame. She explained to ILANGA that one of the issues in this industry is a shortage of job. You must always be seeking for employment in this profession because even if you are working today, you never know when the program you have a contract with for the entire year may end.She was discussing Imbewu and Durban Gen’s demise.

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