House of Zwide: Teasers – October 2023 : Drama Unveiled

See what comming on in this month In House of zwide 


Episode 56: Ona’s Vogue Africa Snub

In this episode, Keletso raises an intriguing question regarding Ona’s absence in Vogue Africa’s acknowledgment. The plot thickens when Funani extends gratitude solely to Laz, further deepening Ona’s emotional wounds.

Episode 57: Zola’s Change of Heart

In Episode 57, Zola surprises viewers by switching on his charm and retracting his breakup plans with Zanele. However, he insists that Zanele must leave HOZ. This time, Zanele agrees, leaving audiences in suspense.

Episode 58: Maria’s Confession

In a shocking revelation, Maria finally confesses her actions, infuriating Mampho. Mampho, however, devises a plan to help Maria, only to later inform her that she can’t sell a counterfeit bag.

Episode 59: Zola’s Vow

Zola assures Funani that he played no part in Zanele’s decision to leave HOZ. Funani issues a stern warning, hinting at dire consequences if Zola’s claims turn out to be false.

Episode 60: Maria’s Redemption

As Maria fears losing her job, she discovers that Isaac has covered for her. Isaac then offers a warning against repeating her mistake, setting the stage for further plot development.

Episode 61: Faith’s Discovery

Faith stumbles upon a house filled with broken plates. Zola hastily attributes the mess to an accidental drop, with Zanele backing his story. Faith, however, senses deception in the air.

Episode 62: Zola’s Desperation

In Episode 62, Zola pleads with Zanele not to leave him, declaring he’ll wither away without her. Zanele relents and decides to stay. Meanwhile, Lulu agrees to unveil the truth to Faith and Sandile.

Episode 63: Soka and Sandile’s Night Out

Soka and Sandile celebrate Soka’s promotion, aiming to impress two attractive girls. However, their plans take an unexpected turn when the girls spot Soka’s less-than-impressive car.

Episode 64: Double Date Déjà Vu

Returning home with a new car, Soka and Sandile unexpectedly run into the same girls they met the previous night, setting the stage for comedic chaos.

Episode 65: Zanele’s Dilemma

Zola suggests that Zanele must sever ties with her family, forcing her to choose between them and him. This pivotal moment could reshape their relationship’s dynamics.

Episode 66: Zola’s Manipulation

Zola continues to isolate Zanele from her family while maintaining a facade of support. Zanele, unaware of his true intentions, expresses her heartfelt gratitude.

Episode 67: Zola’s Suspicions

Zola suspects Dorothy is being manipulated by Faith to turn Zanele against him. He insists on being present during their planned lunch, deepening the intrigue.

Episode 68: Ona’s Side Hustle

Rea overhears Molefe and Ona discussing a side business with Keletso. When concerns arise about Funani’s reaction, Ona dismisses them, adding an additional layer of suspense.

Episode 69: Soka’s Health Scare

Soka’s nightmares about contracting HIV escalate as he loses his temper with Sandile. He reveals his fears and anxieties surrounding a recent unprotected encounter.

Episode 70: Zanele’s Lowest Point

In a heartbreaking turn of events, Zola humiliates Zanele, shattering her self-esteem. Desperate, Zanele reaches out to Faith, setting the stage for a climactic showdown.

Episode 71: Soka’s HIV Concerns

Soka’s anxiety about potentially contracting HIV intensifies, leading him to confront Molefe about a troubling encounter with a reluctant partner.

Episode 72: Zanele’s Retrieval Mission

Desperate to retrieve her belongings from Zola’s place, Zanele approaches Dorothy and Nkosi for assistance. However, both are unavailable, leaving Zanele to face Zola alone, with unforeseen consequences.

Episode 73: Zola’s Drastic Decision

In this episode, Zola professes his love to Zanele, but when she refuses to stay, his emotions take a dark turn. Zola contemplates a horrifying plan, setting the stage for a dramatic climax.

Episode 74: Zanele’s Courage

Zanele confronts Zola about his actions and decides to press charges. Faith offers her support, reassuring Zanele that she is not to blame for what transpired.

Episode 75: Ona’s Growing Fame

Ona and Molefe present their first client with a finished dress, which unexpectedly leads to a mob of girls seeking Ona’s expertise, introducing new challenges.

Episode 76: Zanele’s Plea

Desperate for support, Zanele implores Faith to join her in therapy. However, she also confides in Dorothy, suggesting that Faith may have played a role in her troubles.

Episode 77: Neo’s Charm

In a last-minute rescue, Neo impresses an important House of Zwide client with his charm, stepping in to save the day with his unexpected charisma.

These exciting teasers for “House of Zwide 3” promise a rollercoaster of emotions and suspenseful twists that will keep viewers eagerly anticipating each episode. Don’t miss the drama unfold in October 2023!

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