House of Zwide Teasers December 2023

House of Zwide Teasers December 2023

Episode 100: A Twist of Fate

Faith tempts Neo with the promise of a design assistant job during a private meeting at HoZ. Meanwhile, Maria unveils a heartbreaking revelation about Rea’s potential battle with cancer.

Episode 101: Financial Fortunes

Nkosi and Shoki reflect on improved financial fortunes, courtesy of Kopano. Nkosi, fueled by determination, is eager to prove Funani wrong.

Episode 102: Confronting Fear

Rea admits to Isaac that fear has kept her from seeking medical help. Nkosi questions Kopano’s visit to Shoki, leading to a revelation that brings understanding.

Episode 103: Setting Boundaries

Nkosi intends to discuss boundaries with Kopano, but Shoki warns against jeopardizing their newfound prosperity.

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Episode 104: A Grim Diagnosis

Isaac learns the harsh truth about Rea’s health. They consult a specialist who confirms brain cancer, setting the stage for a challenging journey.

Episode 105: The Road Ahead

Rea, Isaac, and the doctor strategize Rea’s treatment plan, involving brain surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy.

Episode 106: Betrayal Unveiled

Neo rejects Mapula, exposing Faith’s involvement in a sinister plot against Ona.

Episode 107: Turning the Tables

Neo confronts Faith, using a recorded conversation to threaten her. Meanwhile, Molefe collaborates with Ona and Keletso for a gender reveal party fundraiser.

Episode 108: Unveiling Secrets

Neo exposes Faith’s motives, leading to a confrontation. Simultaneously, Molefe seeks support for the gender reveal party.

Episode 109: Facing Surgery

Rea discloses her need for surgery, and Isaac supports Ona through her anger at life’s unfairness.

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Episode 110: Emotional Requests

Rea tasks Isaac with a list of pre-surgery responsibilities. Funani defends Rea against Faith’s criticism.

Episode 111: Clash of Titans

Funani and Nkosi clash at the hospital, revealing underlying tensions. Both parties share negative opinions about each other.

Episode 112: Unsettling Dinner Plans

Nkosi receives a tense call from Kopano. Keletso informs Molefe about the fundraising challenges for the gender reveal.

Episode 113: Mind Games

Nandipha urges Kopano to mend fences with Nkosi, who is preoccupied with work. Mampho and Maria sense family tensions during their Christmas stay.

Episode 114: Festive Strains

Mampho and Maria’s Christmas stay exposes family tensions in the Zwide house.

Episode 115: Work Over Christmas

Kopano burdens Nkosi with work, leaving Shoki feeling neglected.

Episode 116: Parenthood Realization

Dorothy and Molefe face the reality of impending parenthood. Maria seeks cooking guidance from Mampho.

Episode 117: Mansion Dynamics

Nkosi welcomes Maria and Mampho’s extended stay, causing discontent with Shoki.

Episode 118: Relationship Jitters

Pearl encounters Tiro, sparking anxiety about her attractiveness. Faith extends an olive branch to Mampho, straining her relationship with Shoki.

Episode 119: Navigating Alliances

Faith and Mampho reconcile, leaving Shoki feeling isolated.

Episode 120: Heartbreak for Pearl

Pearl’s plea for Laz’s HoZ flat takes an unexpected turn when Tiro reveals a shocking breakup.

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