House of zwide: September 2023

Exciting Plot Twists in “House of Zwide” – September 2023 Episodes Recap

Episode 35 – “Unexpected Twists and Turns”

In the latest episode of “House of Zwide,” Funani advises Faith to revisit her strategy, while Sandile revels in his achievements, only to face a shocking twist later on.

Episode 36 – “Pearl’s Shocking Discovery”

Pearl chooses to stay behind at work when she discovers Mampho and Molefe working late, uncovering a blackmail plot that leaves her astounded.

Episode 37 – “Nandipha’s Surprise Visit”

Nandipha interrupts Nkosi and Faith’s lunch, leading to a bragging match between Faith and Nandipha. Nandipha then decides to deliver some unexpected news to Funani.

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Episode 38 – “Trial Date Dilemma”

Nandipha shocks the Zwides by proposing to move up the trial date. Funani, meant to be honored on that day, faces an unexpected twist.

Episode 39 – “Appealing for Justice”

Nandipha appeals to the public for justice, putting pressure on prosecutors to expedite the trial. Faith worries about the impact on Vogue Africa, and her fears come true when the Editor arrives with unwelcome news.

Episode 40 – “Vogue Editor’s Decision”

The Vogue Editor initially decides to drop “House of Zwide” but has a change of heart after seeing Ona’s impressive designs.

Episode 41 – “Funani and Ona’s Collaboration”

Funani invites Ona to discuss their collection. Despite a rocky start, they find their flow and start enjoying working together.

Episode 42 – “Destroying Evidence”

Nkosi is asked by Funani to eliminate evidence against him, and he’s eager to please his father. Nandipha becomes a significant obstacle when Benjamin is sent to destroy evidence.

Episode 43 – “Zanele’s Bold Move”

Zanele announces her move to live with Zola, disregarding Faith’s advice. Faith assigns Dorothy the task of preventing Zanele from making this decision.

Episode 44 – “Ona’s Suggestion”

Ona encounters a distressed Mampho after a fight with her mother and suggests that Maria should start working for Rea.

Episode 45 – “Zanele’s Future Plans”

Zola creates a vision board for Zanele’s future, leading to a successful content shoot. Zanele considers reducing her involvement with “House of Zwide.”

Episode 46 – “Mampho’s Ultimatum”

Mampho threatens to involve the police if Maria doesn’t return to Rea. Maria finds herself working for the Molapos.

Episode 47 – “Funani’s Trick”

Funani tells Nandipha that he wants to confess, but it turns out to be a ruse to extract information from her.

Episode 48 – “Maria’s Decision”

Maria breaks down at the thought of returning to work for Rea, but Mampho reminds her of her past success and encourages her to persevere.

Episode 49 – “Funani’s Sacrifice”

Funani agrees to sign a confession to protect his family, while Laz builds a case against Nandipha.

Episode 50 – “Last-Minute Twist”

Laz intervenes just as Funani is about to confess and reveals recordings of people discussing Nandipha’s wrongdoings.

Episode 51 – “Preparing for the Gala”

Funani and Ona collaborate on showcasing their new collection at a gala event, leaving Faith feeling somewhat sidelined.

Episode 52 – “Nandipha’s Vengeance”

Nandipha confronts Funani at the gala, revealing a shocking weapon. In a daring move, she fires, but Faith sacrifices herself to save Funani.

Episode 53 – “Zanele’s Independence”

Laz and Pearl admire Zanele’s outfit, but Zanele takes issue with Laz’s claim that Zola is controlling.

Episode 54 – “Zola’s Influence”

Zola feels validated when Zanele reports that her work friends love the outfit he chose for her, emphasizing his unique understanding of her.

Episode 55 – “Nkosi’s Dilemma”

Nkosi contemplates whether it’s time to forgive Faith, while Ona realizes her absence from Vogue Africa’s mention.

Stay tuned for more twists and turns in “House of Zwide.”

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