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House of Zwide: Fans Applaud Mampho’s Move to Tembisa

Mampho, a beloved character from ‘House of Zwide,’ has made the decision to relocate to Tembisa, forced out of the Zwides’ penthouse by Laz. Viewers of the fashion drama, ‘House of Zwide,’ can’t seem to get enough of Mampho and Maria’s Tembisa journey, and they don’t feel saddened by their turn of fortune.

Desperate for money to find new housing, Mampho turned to her baby daddy, Nkosi, but his wife, Shoki, suggested they move to Nomsa’s home in Tembisa instead.

Now, the mother and daughter duo, accustomed to a lavish lifestyle and being pampered by the Zwides, find themselves living next door to the Molapos and renting a house from Nomsa, who has moved to KwaZulu-Natal.

Montshing Kagiso commented, “I saw it coming because Shoki was talking about needing tenants. When Mampho suddenly found herself stranded, I knew they would end up in Tembisa, which is quite intriguing.”

Mpelegeng Besy said, “Maria loves the good life, but hello, Tembisa, and goodbye, Rosebank.”

Cindy Zwide noticed the way Mampho’s mom was looking at Shoki throughout the entire scene.

TVSA’s September teasers for ‘House of Zwide’ reveal that Mampho and Ona will have a heated encounter after her move to Tembisa with her mother, Maria.

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