Unathi Nkayi and Justin Toerien Spark Unconventional Conversations on Star919FM

Star919FM Co-hosts Unathi Nkayi and Justin Toerien Add Flavor to Heritage Month with Candid Dialogues

As Heritage Month unfolded, the vibrant co-hosts of Star919FM, Unathi Nkayi and Justin Toerien, infused a distinct flavor into their show. Taking to Instagram, the radio duo shared a playful snippet, offering a peek into their jovial banter and infectious laughter.

A Departure from the Norm

In a departure from their regular content, the hosts announced that the upcoming episodes would revolve around them posing thought-provoking questions related to their respective cultural backgrounds. The inaugural segment delved into a captivating discussion about stereotypes surrounding manhood, leading to moments of unrestrained laughter from the hosts.

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Breaking Stereotypes

The conversation boldly entered the realm of societal perceptions of size, prompting both hosts to openly express their perspectives. Despite the serious nature of the topic, Unathi and Justin maintained a light-hearted and humorous tone, making the discussion engaging for their audience.


Unathi Nkayi playfully captioned the Instagram post with a heads-up for sensitive viewers, particularly those under 18, acknowledging the mature nature of the conversation. The post hinted at more candid discussions throughout Heritage Month.

Playful Engagement

The singer’s followers enthusiastically embraced the playful spirit of the conversation. Comments flooded in, expressing laughter and amusement at the hosts’ unconventional approach to discussing cultural and social constructs surrounding physical attributes.

A Month of Refreshing Conversations

As Star919FM gears up for a month filled with engaging and unconventional dialogues, it’s evident that Unathi and Justin are poised to bring a refreshing and entertaining perspective to the airwaves during Heritage Month. Stay tuned for more insightful discussions that challenge stereotypes and celebrate the diversity of our heritage.

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