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Gqeberha The Empire Teasers – May 2023

Gqeberha The Empire Episode 76 for May 1st, 2023

Who is being duped?

Zimkhitha and Luzuko engage in a mental game of cat and mouse . Mpilo continues to ingratiate himself with the lives of Dumisani and Sandiswa.

Episode 77 for May 2, 2023

It’s challenging

Luzuko makes an effort to elicit confessions from Msimelelo and his allies. Funeka had had enough of Msimelelo. She makes a significant choice regarding her marriage.

Thursday, May 3, 2023, Episode 78

Who is lying?

Funeka makes the decision to find Msimelelo at last. Mpilo must make a difficult choice. Luzuko has a major realisation.


Episode 79, was aired on May 4, 2023

where smoke is present

As his affair continues to be a rollercoaster, Mpilo almost gets caught in his lies. When the hens appear to have come home to roost, Zimkhitha becomes alarmed. Funeka regrets having spoken to Gubevu.

Episode 80 for May 5, 2023 on Friday

You get what you sow

Being Dumisani’s little filthy secret is becoming old for Mpilo. The surprise Luzuko will give Zimkhitha takes her by surprise.

Episode 81 from May 8 of 2023

Only the truth will do.

Reuniting the individuals who attempted to have him killed, Luzuko wants an explanation within 24 hours. Even though Mpilo sincerely wants to drop Sindiswa, he just can’t force himself to.

Episode 82 of May 9, 2023, on Tuesday

Dispute, confession, and urination

For Mpilo, things dramatically change. Inside the container, Msimelelo and Zimkhitha are arguing with one another. To his kids, Luzuko tells lies.

Gqeberha The Empire Episode 83 on May 10, 2023, on Wednesday

desperate attempt

Luzuko brutally responds to Zimkhitha’s bluff. Dumisani begins a new life and terminates a romance, sending Mpilo into shock.

Episode 84, was aired on May 11, 2023

Returns & Excuses

Zimkhitha is saved by Ntando, who also makes Luzuko feel bad. Msimelelo goes back home.

Episode 85 for May 12, 2023 on Friday

Daddy and son

The worst possible consequences result from Msimelelo’s past. Making up for his faults isn’t going to be simple for Luzuko, he discovers.

Episode 86 of May 15, 2023, on Monday

The past is irrevocable.

Ntando is adamant on using his newly acquired authority to dominate his siblings. Sivuyile threatens to inform Funeka of the secrets.

Monday, May 14, 2023, Episode 87

A new boss has arrived.

The Mxenge home begins to undergo significant changes thanks to Ntando. Sivuyile does not like that Msimelelo is keeping her as a nasty secret.

Episode 88 for May 17, 2023, on Wednesday

How to miss catching a huge fish

Ntando learns the hard way that catching a large fish to impress his father is not simple. Sivuyile is hard for Msimelelo to control.

Gqeberha The Empire Episode 89 for May 18, 2023 on Thursday


Ntando strikes a bargain with Satan. The first word of affirmation Msimelelo gives to Sivuyile has an impact on him.

Episode 90, May 19, 2023, on Friday

All eyes are on Ntando.

With regard to the abalone shipping, Ntando has passed the point of no return. Sivuyile insists on relocating to Msimelelo’s home.

Episode 91 for May 22nd, 2023

More wealth, more haughtiness

Thulani becomes increasingly suspicious as Mpilo and Ntando profit greatly from the abalone sale. Msimelelo is having difficulty separating his wife from his secret son.

Episode 92 of May 23rd, 2023

A crowd is present.

When Funeka observes Sivuyile’s lack of house training, she begins to doubt her kindness. Ntando is exposed while wearing pants.

Episode 93 for May 24, 2023, on Wednesday

An inept king

Thulani must act like the older brother. As Funeka and Nontle encircle Sivuyile, Msimelelo quivers.

Episode 94 for May 25, 2023

One more task

Ntando makes the decision to engage in criminal activity one last time. Msimelelo makes an effort to be good to his son.

Episode 95, May 26, 2023, on Friday

You cannot find easy money.

The abalone smuggling mission undertaken by Ntando fails. Sivuyile receives a final apology from Msimelelo for leaving him. Mxolisi makes death threats against anyone who gets in his way, notably Thulani.

Episode 96 of May 29, 2023, on Monday

I’m not a loser.

Ntando must be rescued by Thulani once the police find him in possession of the abalone. Sivuyile’s potential to tell Funeka the truth worries Msimelelo.

Monday, May 30, 2023, Episode 97

Who is your father?

When Luzuko comes back, Ntando is hesitant to meet him. Anathi receives news that completely disrupts her life. Sivuyile is holding an axe over Msimelelo’s head, putting him on borrowed time.

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