Get to know Sindi Dlathu’s children with secret husband Okielant Nkosi

Two kids were born to Sindi Dlathu and Okielant Nkosi.

Nevertheless, not much is known about her offspring.

She has succeeded in keeping her personal affairs secret, leaving Mzansi to speculate. She also has a twin sister named Zanele Sangweni, which is interesting.

Children of Sindi Dlathu

Two daughters of Sindi Dlathu and her husband, Okielant Nkosi, were only made known to Mzansi through a social media message of gratitude. She kept them a secret as well. Sindi shared on social media that she is a proud mother and that her kids show her a lot of kindness, love, and support.

Sindi Dlathu’s Husband 

Sindi Dlathu, one of South Africa’s most popular actors, has managed to avoid talking about her marriage in the media. It’s interesting to see that not even Dlathu has uploaded a picture of her husband. As strange as it may sound, they haven’t been seen together, which has many wondering if they are co-parenting or splitting up.

Is Sindi Dlathu HIV positive?

She has recently been in the news for a variety of reasons due to her status. She was a former Soul City star with a long and illustrious career. She portrayed a cheerful patient in the drama series, and because of this, Mzansi has mistook her off-screen reputation for her on-screen standing. After all, it was revealed that the actress’s favourable status was limited to Soul City.

Sindi Dlathu’s Age

The actress will be 48 years old in 2022. The vivacious actress was born on January 4th, 1974 in Johannesburg, Gauteng, in the Meadowlands neighbourhood of Soweto. She has a sister who is her exact twin, which is interesting. Zanele Sangweni is the twin sister of Sindi Dlathu. She has published a number of images of them in recent years.

Career of Sindi Dlathu

She has had a long and famous career. She has received recognition for her work throughout her career, from her role in Sarafina to her portrayal of Lindiwe in the Mzansi Magic drama series The River.

  • Muvhango
  • The River
  • Married
  • Sarafina!
  • Escape from Angola
  • Generations
  • Soul City


In the South African soap opera “Muvhango,” Sindi Dlathu, an actress and musician, plays the part of “Thandaza,” Ranthumeng Mokoena’s wife. She is now more well-known thanks to her work on The River, where she played Lindiwe.


2019 SAFTA Best Actress Telenovela in The River Winner

– Nominee Charity Organization 2021 SAFTA Best Actress Telenovela in The River

– Winner 2020 SAFTA Best Actress Telenovela in The River

– Winner 2020 DSTV Mzansi Viewers Choice Awards Favorite Actress –

Sindi went above and beyond earlier this year (2021) to give back to her followers. She planned a luncheon for her female followers, whom she refers to as “Daughters of Sindi,” so that she could meet them and express her gratitude for their love and support. In order to make her Sindi kids feel beautiful and powerful on the big day of the matric dance, the actress also gave out three matric costumes to them. She anticipates being able to host more events and give back to her neighbourhood.

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