Get to know Sanka from etvScandal!

the Charisma: Exploring Sanka from etvScandal!

Stevel Marc: A Multifaceted Talent (40 years old)

Delve into the intriguing persona of Stevel Marc, a 40-year-old Jamaican-born South African luminary celebrated for his versatility as an actor, model, master of ceremonies (MC), and author. His claim to fame lies in his compelling portrayal of Vuyo in the 1 Magic drama series Unmarried.

The Journey on Screen

Diverse TV Appearances

Discover the breadth of Marc’s talent as he graced various television series, leaving an indelible mark. His notable appearances include The Triangle, Generations, My Super-Overactive Imagination, Hooten & the Lady, and Black Sails.

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Cinematic Ventures

Witness the evolution of his career with his debut feature film role in “Of Good Report.” Marc has etched his presence in the cinematic realm with roles in films such as The Challenger Disaster, Outpost 37, Dear Betty, My Zulu Promise, Donor, The King’s Rook, Anything for Wifey, Trinity, Hometown, Adaption, Happiness Is a Four-letter Word, Hell Trip, Broken Darkness, Body Defenders, and Last Sacrament.

Beyond the Screen

Commercial Success

Marc’s influence extends beyond the screen as he has been a face in numerous television and cinema commercials. From Revlon, BlackBerry, Coca Cola, KFC, Nescafé, Momentum, Standard Bank, Nashua Mobile, SABC to DStv, his presence is synonymous with top brands.

Voice Artistry

Dive into the realm of voice artistry, where Marc lends his captivating voice to brands like Samsung Mobile, Budweiser, Malibu Caribbean Rum, Toyota, Highveld Stereo, Pigg’s Peak Casino, Foundry Premium Cider, Spar, Pick ‘n Pay, Standard Bank, Student Radio, Exclusive Books, and The South African Tourism Board.

Recent Ventures

Return to Unmarried

In 2018, Marc made a significant return to the 1 Magic drama series Unmarried, captivating audiences with his portrayal of the charismatic yet arrogant player, Vuyo. His stellar performance added a new layer to the series, elevating its impact.

etvScandal: A New Chapter

Fast forward to 2023, and Marc finds himself immersed in one of South Africa’s most beloved soap operas, etvScandal. In this latest venture, he embodies the character of Sanka, a model entangled in a love affair with Tlhogi, Mdala’s wife, sowing discord in their marital bliss.

In conclusion, Stevel Marc’s journey in the entertainment industry continues to unfold, showcasing his remarkable talents on various platforms. Whether on screen or lending his voice to iconic brands, Marc remains an influential figure, leaving an indelible mark on the rich tapestry of South African entertainment.

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