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Generations Faces Criticism for Underpaying Its Actors

Generations: The Legacy, despite being one of the most popular dramas, has come under scrutiny for allegedly not adequately compensating its cast. Let’s take a closer look at the payment concerns surrounding the show.

Background Actors Feeling Shortchanged

Generations: The Legacy has faced allegations of offering subpar compensation to its background actors, often referred to as “extras.” According to reports from Sunday World, this long-running SABC drama series has apparently maintained a stagnant pay rate of R160 since the early 2000s, failing to adjust for inflation and changing industry standards.

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However, there remains a shroud of uncertainty regarding the actual compensation provided to these background actors, as the show’s producers have not officially addressed the persistent rumors surrounding this issue. These allegations have left a lasting impact on the drama series, with fans and industry observers questioning its fairness and ethics.

The Role of Soapie Extras

In the world of soap operas, “extras” or background actors play an essential role. They appear in scenes without any speaking lines or significant storylines, adding depth and realism to the show. Directors typically position these extras strategically within the set to enhance the overall visual appeal.

The Mystery of Generations: The Legacy Wages

Since 2013, Generations: The Legacy’s compensation packages for its actors have remained largely concealed from the public eye. Actors are said to be remunerated based on various factors, including their time on set, the significance of their roles, and their level of experience. Lead actors, often seasoned performers, tend to command higher paychecks. Notable stars such as Connie Ferguson, Vusi Junene, Sindi Dalthi, and Leleti Khumalo have consistently earned more in their respective productions.

However, Generations: The Legacy has not been immune to wage-related problems. In 2014, the drama series faced a major upheaval when a group of fourteen performers sought better working conditions and higher pay. In response, the show’s producers decided to let go of these actors, resulting in a significant change in the show’s storyline and the introduction of new cast members.

The debate over fair compensation in the world of television continues, with Generations: The Legacy serving as a prominent example of the complexities and challenges actors face in securing equitable pay for their contributions to the entertainment industry.

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