Funeral Without A Casket But Sitting On A Chair Has Caused A Stir Worldwide

A funeral without a casket went viral on Facebook, causing an uproar throughout the world. It was a strange and remarkable sight to see the deceased man sitting on a chair, dressed flawlessly in white pants, a pink blazer, glasses, white formal shoes, and a casual tie. As a mark of respect and reverence for the gone, certain funerals are now carried out in accordance with the pre-written instructions of the deceased, especially in African cultures.

However, there have been discussions regarding whether or not this practice is consistent with African values, traditions, and beliefs. Consulting elders becomes essential to maintain the essence of their traditions, despite the fact that it may be confusing for families to decide whether to give priority to the deceased’s request or strictly follow African customs. Though attitudes on these behaviors vary, upholding African traditions is crucial.


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