Ona leaves Zwides after Funani confesses to killing Alex

Ona leaves Zwides after Funani confesses to killing Alex

According to the TVSA House of Zwide August teasers, Faith Zwide will seize control of the fashion house when and lsaac end up in the same cell.

Nkosi Zwide will let Funani know that isaac Molapo had a recording of their chat on the night that Alex Khadzi, Nandipha’s brother, was killed.


“isaac and Funani end their argument after being charged with murdering Alex on August 21.” Isaac taped him the night of the murder, Funani tells Nkosi.


The teasers also show that Funnani would be detained by police after the Zwides attempt to implicate her husband Isaac for the crime.

Ona, Funnai’s biological daughter, will reject working for her father and turn her back on him, leading him to believe that Alex has been murdered.



After what his father did, Ona will depart the Wide Mansion, and we’ll see if she can comprehend why his father did what he did. He was, of course, defending his family.


Alex Khadzi’s sister Nandipha has joined House of Zwide as Kb motisailnyne, who began in 7de laan .


Before passing very tragically, Alex was a talented designer who had achieved great success.

Despite the fact that every evidence points to the Zwides being complicit in her brother’s disappearance, top lawyer Nandipha has pledged to hold them responsible for her brother’s death.

Senzo Zwide, the son of Winnie Ntshaba and vusi Kunene, played by Mackey for two seasons of the e.tv fashion drama House of Zwide. On Sunday, Mackey expressed his gratitude to Bomb production for the role.

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