From Near-Death to New Life: Skeem Saam Star's Jaw-Dropping Miracle Birth Story

From Near-Death to New Life: Skeem Saam Star’s Jaw-Dropping Miracle Birth Story

I Experienced Three Minutes of Near-Death: Skeem Saam Actress Pebetsi Matlaila Opens Up About Childbirth

Pebetsi Matlaila, the popular Skeem Saam actress, recently shared a deeply emotional account of her childbirth journey that took her followers on a rollercoaster of emotions. With complete candor, she shared vivid images and videos from nine months ago when she and her daughter Qhawekazi fought a life-threatening battle in the ICU. Dealing with the challenges of preeclampsia, their second pregnancy was far from a walk in the park. Pebetsi refers to this experience as her “rebirth,” and she’s not exaggerating; for a harrowing three minutes, she was gone!

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Hold on tight, as Pebetsi’s journey was far from smooth.

Labor pains compelled her to drive herself to the hospital while grappling with dangerously high blood pressure that put both her and baby Q’s safety in jeopardy. Fortunately, the doctors, whom she now lovingly calls her “Angels,” sprang into action. However, as Pebetsi was being rushed to the operating theater, she managed to tell a nurse that she couldn’t breathe, and then everything went dark. When she regained consciousness, she was met with a shocking revelation: she had been clinically dead for three minutes, and her daughter entered this world with a faint blue hue.

The ICU became their sanctuary for an entire month, and their miraculous story still baffles the medical professionals who cared for them. Pebetsi expresses boundless gratitude to her “Angels” for saving their lives. Notably, she also survived a car accident during her pregnancy, adding yet another dramatic twist to her incredible journey. Now armed with a newfound appreciation for life, she stands ready to confront any challenges that may come her way.”

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