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“Five Lesser-Known Facts About Khwezi from Skeem Saam


  1. Samukele Mkhize, a multi-talented artist who has previously appeared in Isibaya and is currently part of the Skeem Saam cast, portrays the formidable character known as Khwezikazi “Khwezi” Gisela. She plays the role of a ruthless and ambitious journalist hell-bent on destroying the life of her child’s father, Lehasa.
  2. Samukele Mkhize made her debut on the show in November 2022 and quickly rose to infamy as one of the most despised characters in the SABC’s educational soap opera.
  3. Born at King Edward Hospital in Durban, Samukele Mkhize spent her childhood in a village named Maphophoma in KwaZulu-Natal, as reported by Drum magazine.
  4. Despite her current success on Skeem Saam, Samukele revealed in an interview with Move Magazine that she initially had aspirations of becoming a presenter and had a passion for singing. Her journey into acting was not without its challenges.
  5. Before her stint on Skeem Saam, Samukele made a mark in the world of musical theater by securing a role in the musical production “Madame President Musical.” Her performance earned her widespread acclaim and garnered two nominations at the Mercury Durban Theatre Awards for Best Newcomer and Best Lead Actress in a Musical.

Prior to her role as Khwezi, Samukele Mkhize was best known for her portrayal of Mabuyi, a kind-hearted village girl with a strong sense of community, in the Mzansi Magic television series Isibaya. Interestingly, she initially auditioned for a different role in the series “The Road,” but the production company, Bomb Productions Kutlwano Ditsele, later recognized her potential and offered her the role of Mabuyi in Isibaya.”

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