Field Engineer job at Institute of Space Technology



Institute ot Space Techrtlogy (IST) a kat Sena,

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  • Candicadates shall apply at Dm 141m1Lladstiotitedtapk Nard copes are not acceptable
  • The costal ts protect based for tie project Istabbstinta a National Ceriler for Fan Analysts rFaCCAr under the Public Sailor Devdopment Programme (PSDP) The tanchtlate(s) axonal on the costal can nol claim lortleetscn nthe contractor to be regulartzed.
  • The age 1411IDe calculated mite *gaga* of Mk-00ln
  • The position 6Islamabad based. kaaviras wi be conducted atIST Islamabad campus
  • Only Sktlisledundidales gibe talons( Weenie*
  • TAI DA will not be keressiblelot appealing in te denim
  • Last ilelor receipt d4p s IensIs15daysalletreNMea n of this advertisement

Additional Director (Induction) 1ST
Post Box No 2750, Islamabad 44000
Phi N75474

Gist Institute of Space Technology

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