Zaza calls Tlhogi “Giraffe,” and she is not aware that she is talking to Tlhogi’s friend.

Exciting Updates on #etvScandal


Episode 12: Dintle’s Strategic Move

In this episode, Dintle, driven by determination, seeks the assistance of an old acquaintance. Meanwhile, Neo finds himself in a conversation with Tebello, delving into the complexities of emotions.

Episode 13: Unexpected Offers and Revelations

Talitha presents a surprising proposal, and Tlhogi, in turn, makes an equally unexpected decision. Suspicious behavior challenges the loyalty of a long-time ally. Jojo endeavors to make things right with Phakamile, but uncertainties cloud their future.

Episode 14: Taps’ Strategic Maneuvers

Taps devises a plan to rescue his father from a precarious situation. Meanwhile, Dintle finds herself in a precarious position, with few options. Mnisi takes it upon himself to safeguard the community from Jojo’s cunning schemes.

Episode 15: Pursuit of Justice and Revelation of Secrets

As justice seems within reach, a woman plots her revenge. Taps grapples with concerns about his future, while Tlhogi uncovers clues about his past. Jojo’s shady dealings continue to haunt him.

Episode 16: Unveiling Secrets and Unforeseen Challenges

An undercover operation is proposed, but faces intense scrutiny. Tlhogi receives shocking revelations from Taps, shaking her to the core. Meanwhile, Phakamile’s worries multiply as new challenges emerge.

The drama unfolds as characters navigate through intricate webs of deceit, loyalty, and ambition in the captivating world of #etvScandal. Tune in for more twists and turns in the lives of your favorite characters!

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