Carl Niehaus’s Surprising Move: Embracing the EFF and Introducing His Young Bride

Former ANC stalwart Carl Niehaus has sent shockwaves through South Africa with his unexpected allegiance to the EFF. This surprising shift comes on the heels of Niehaus launching his own political party, the African Radical Economic Transformation Alliance (Areta), just a few months ago.

The Unconventional Union: Carl Niehaus Ties the Knot with a Woman 30 Years His Junior

Niehaus, a controversial figure, has been grabbing headlines not only for his political choices but also for his unconventional personal life. At 63 years old, he raised eyebrows by marrying a woman more than 30 years his junior.

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Carl Niehaus Joins Forces with the EFF

On Thursday, December 14, Carl Niehaus publicly declared his departure from Areta, the party he founded in 2022 following his expulsion from the ANC.

During a media briefing, the former ANC Military Veterans leader shared his motivation for aligning with the EFF in his pursuit of challenging the ruling party. He explained, “Areta has prioritized the creation of a united progressive left front to safeguard our country since its establishment on February 23, 2023. This announcement marks a significant stride towards achieving that goal and reshaping the South African political landscape. The objective is to replace the neo-liberal right-wing impact on our nation with a unified progressive government committed to implementing radical transformation.”

Unveiling the Woman Behind the Red Beret Member

In November 2022, Carl Niehaus, with three failed marriages in his past, disclosed that he had successfully paid lobola for his model spouse, Noluthando Mdluli.

This intriguing turn of events not only reflects Niehaus’s political metamorphosis but also offers a glimpse into the intriguing dynamics of his personal life. The union between the 63-year-old political veteran and his much younger wife adds another layer to the already compelling narrative surrounding Carl Niehaus. As he navigates the realm of the EFF, the spotlight on his choices—both political and personal—only intensifies, sparking discussions and debates across South Africa.

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