Dj Zinhle

Dj Zinhle “She wears the pants in the relationship” Fans Claim

One of the most well-known DJs in South Africa is Zinhle Jiyane, best known by her stage name DJ Zinhle. She was born on December 30, 1983.

Dj Zinhle

She released her single “My Name Is,” which included Busiswa, while employed as a DJ for radio and television stations. Over the years, she has been able to establish a name for herself by writing songs for and collaborating with well-known performers.

Her most recent release, “Umlilo,” was named the best song in South Africa as a result of the positive reception it received from music enthusiasts.

Dj Zinhle 1

Dj Zinhle was dating a professional acquaintance, but it appears that they are now married and deeply in love.

Dj Zinhle

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