Discovering True Love: Sivenathi Mabuya’s Journey

 the Moment: Revelation About Her Husband

Sivenathi Mabuya's Sivenathi Mabuya's Sivenathi Mabuya's Sivenathi Mabuya's

Former Scandal! luminary, Sivenathi Mabuya, recently invited her Instagram followers to engage in an open dialogue, prompting a flood of questions, many of which revolved around her romantic life.

The Long Wait: Patience Rewarded


Among the inquiries, one stood out: how did she realize her husband was the one? Sive revealed that she embodied patience, waiting for 12 years for their first date. “He patiently awaited that ice cream date he proposed in 2008,” she reminisced.

A Journey of Love and Tradition

Sivenathi’s journey took a significant step forward with her traditional wedding in January 2022, preceded by successful lobola negotiations. Surrounded by cherished family and friends, she celebrated the auspicious occasion.

Serendipitous Encounter: Fate at the Mall

Their story began at an Eastern Cape mall where Sivenathi found herself stranded with her sisters, crossing paths with her future husband.

Timing and Love: The Ingredients of Matrimony

Responding to queries regarding the right time for marriage, Mabuya emphasized the importance of genuine affection. “It’s about truly loving someone. Deciding to embark on that journey is distinct from making the decision,” she reflected. “While it wasn’t an easy choice, it’s undoubtedly one of the best I’ve ever made.”

A Legacy in the Limelight: Sivenathi Mabuya

Renowned for her portrayal of Xolile Medupe in Scandal!, Mabuya bid farewell to the telenovela in 2021, leaving the door open for a potential return in the future.

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