Dineo Ranaka’s advice to men divides Mzansi

Dineo Ranaka’s advice to men divides Mzansi

Dineo Ranaka counseled men on how to maintain harmony at home while being respectful of their wives’ sentiments.

Although some of her admirers seemed to agree with her advise, it seems that her suggestion generated a lot of discussion on Instagram.
She photographed the ‘peace’ between men and women multiple times.

No advise appears to apply to all guys since they are so unlike from one another.ADVICE FOR MEN FROM DINEO RANAKA

The vivacious radio host presented three slides outlining a journey between men and women.

The first slide showed a discussion in which males requested for peace and women inquired as to what they had done to merit it.

Sizwe Dhlomo was involved in the Dineo Ranaka Kaya FM scandal.

On the next slide, she explained what some males mean when they claim to seek peace with women.

The most contentious slide was this one since it featured a man who many fans thought was nasty.

Most males preferred the final slide because it depicted what was seen as a kind and compassionate man.
Dineo stated that she believed she would bring calm to most houses in the captions of her slides.

Most of her supporters agreed with her assertion that a guy should take his woman’s sentiments into account.

“A carousel thread on the supposed necessity for peace among mankind. Being disrespectful to your woman’s feelings will never lead to harmony. I wish you luck in putting in the effort necessary to have a tranquil household once you succeed in accomplishing this.
Dineo Ranaka’s counsel to men seems to have stirred up many feelings and viewpoints on what promotes peace.

Some even continued by asserting that the men from slide three don’t exist.

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What is so tough about loving and caring for the next person exactly as much as you love and care for yourself? I still don’t understand why relationships are so complicated.

Sadly, some of the 3rd slide don’t exit. 😢”


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