Jaw-Dropping Twist! DA LES’s Shocking Reunion with AKA’s Family After T-Shirt Scandal Will Leave You Speechless

Redemption and Reconciliation: DA LES Reconnects with AKA’s Family after T-Shirt Controversy

In a shocking twist of events, Da LES, whose real name is Lesley Momple, appears to have reconciled to the families of former Kiernan Forbes, a popularly referred to as AKA, after the recent controversy over a T-shirt. The issue was a result of Da LES’ local clothing brand, Amakipkip, advertising an unauthorised T-shirt that featured the face of the murdered star.

The T-Shirt Scandal Unveiled

The month before, Amakipkip, the brainchild of Da LES, faced significant controversy when it promoted T-shirts with pictures from Kiernan Forbes. The T-shirt was priced at R600 and causing the internet with controversy since it was launched without the proper approval from AKA’s family. Contrary to this, a local label, Cultish had issued a T-shirt that featured AKA’s image, however the Forbes family with proceeds directly benefitting the family.

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The Road to Redemption

Despite initial anger and accusations of trying to profit from the legacy of the late rapper Da LES has taken steps toward reconciliation. In an Instagram series of Stories, he posted his recent interactions with AKA’s closest family members as well as friends. The most memorable moment was a photo taken with the late actor’s father Tony Forbes, taken during an evening out. Also, Da LES posted video videos of him having a party with AKA’s girlfriend Nadia Nakai.

A Past Marred by Controversy

It’s not the first time Da LES and AKA have gained attention for their respective actions. In the past, they both publicly stopped their fight at CottonFest Festival of Music. The fight was fueled by the old rumors that Forbes was romantically interested in Da LES’s mother, Aurea Alexander. The scuffle was a public one that was between AKA’s brother Steffan Forbes, and his girlfriend Nadia Nakai, as well as Megacy, the late actor’s dedicated fanbase.

Amakipkip’s Apology

Amakipkip the clothing company that was at the heart of controversy has issued an apology in writing over its actions. In the announcement, the company expressed their profound regret over the harm caused by the release of the tribute T-shirt, without seeking approval from the whole AKA family. The statement clarified that the intention was to honor AKA’s legacy, and seek justice, not cause offence. In the statement, they acknowledged that they did not realize the importance of obtaining permission from the whole AKA family, and offered a sincere apology for the oversight. To show their appreciation, Amakipkip announced the suspension of sales of T-shirts featuring AKA’s picture.

A Commitment to Growth and Sensitivity

As a final note, Amakipkip conveyed its commitment to gain knowledge from this incident and to tackle future projects with greater sensitivity and consideration. This incident is an opportunity to remind us of the importance in respecting and observing the wills and consents of loved people of public figures, even when it comes to fashion and products.

In the end Da LES’ reconnection with AKA’s family represents an important step toward reconciliation and healing. It reminds us that even in the midst of disagreement the power of forgiveness and understanding can be the winning factor.

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