Cyan Boujee

Cyan Boujee Biography: Real Name, Age, Music Career, Plastic Surgery, Relationships, Leaked Bedroom Tape

Real Name: Cyan Boujee

Honour Zuma Zacn, who was born on August 25, 2001, is her real name.


Early Years

Cyan Boujee was born into a family of entrepreneurs. She went to a private school close by. From a young age, Cyan developed a passion for fashion and makeup, and she began sharing her films on social media.

Cyan Boujee, The Social Media Influencer


Cyan Boujee

Starting her career as a YouTuber and content creator, Cyan Boujee. On December 10th, 2019, she created her own YouTube channel, and on January 1st, 2020, she posted her debut video.

She launched Boujee Space, a new YouTube page, in 2022. On her Youtube channel, she primarily posts beauty advice and lessons, and she advises her viewers to buy nicer clothing items to get a good outcome.

As of 22 March 2023, she had 74 500 subscribers and 3,317,846 views on her Youtube account.

In addition to Facebook and Twitter, Cyan Boujee is well-known on Instagram, Tik Tok, and Instagram. She publishes her modeling and daily life images on her Instagram account, which has more than 224K followers.

Cyan Boujee’s Volunteer Work
She also works as a philanthropist and oversees her nonprofit organization, the “Reaching Out Foundation”. She uses this to help the poor by giving them food and clothing.


Career in Music


Cyan Boujee

In addition to producing music, Cyan Boujee is a club DJ. In 2021, she began her deejaying career, and since then, she has spun records at a range of gatherings and clubs in South Africa and other nations including Zimbabwe.

Additionally, the heavy influencer has worked with well-known amapiano performers like DJ Maphorisa, Kabza De Small, and Busta 929. She has released a few singles, including Boujee Space, Reaching Out, and Cyan’s World, and is currently working on her own musical endeavors.

Cyan Boujee Plastic Surgery

Cyan Boujee

In an interview with podcasters MacG and Teboho Thobejane, Cyan Boujee disclosed that she had liposuction performed on her body. She claimed she wanted to look sexier since she was self-conscious about her body type.

Additionally, Cyan documented her experience with BBL (Brazilian Butt Lift) and liposuction in a series of films for her Youtube channel. She claimed that she used her girlfriend’s allowances to save money for the procedure.



In the past, Cyan Boujee has been a part of various contentious partnerships. Bamzy Riches, a singer she had dated before, was accused of hitting her and taking cocaine. In July 2022, the couple got into a physical argument that led to bloodshed and police intervention. Additionally, Cyan Boujee asserted that following their breakup, Bamzy Riches attempted suicide.

Cyan Boujee

A prominent amapiano producer and DJ named Busta 929 was also said to be dating the DJ. She refuted the accusations, claiming that they were merely business colleagues. She further asserted that Busta 929 wanted more from their connection than just a business one, and when she refused, he blocked her phone number. Due to his record label’s unprofessional behavior and broken promises, she eventually quit.

There have been rumors that Cyan Boujee had worked with DJ Maphorisa in the past. In an interview with MacG, she acknowledged that she had a crush on DJ Maphorisa and that he had repeatedly invited her to his home. She added that she would still engage in sex with him if he requested it and expressed regret over not having given him some “cake”

R50K Claims for Girlfriend Allowance


On the podcast And Chill with MacG, Cyan Boujee alleged that her ex-boyfriend used to give her a girlfriend’s allowance of R50,000 every week. She claimed that she was paid for doing nothing but staying at home. She kept mum about who her ex-boyfriend was or how long they were together. However, other individuals questioned her account and charged her with lying.


Leaked Bedroom Tape from 2023

Cyan Boujee was once more in the news in August 2023, but this time it was all the worst kind of news. Her filthy bedroom film was leaked and rapidly became popular. A 12-second segment in the video showed Cyan doing a private deed with an unnamed gentleman, but the man’s face is never revealed. In

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