Clement from Skeem Saam in real life : Vusi Leremi's life Story

Clement from Skeem Saam in real life : Vusi Leremi’s life Story

A rising South African actor is Vusi Leremi. His most well-known role in Mzansi is as the gay character in the SABC1 serial opera Skeem Saam.

Vusi leremi, one of the original cast members of skeem saam, started her acting career as a young child in South Africa. On SABC1, the program debuted in 2011. Clement Maosa, Patrick Seleka, Lerato Marabe, and Samukele Mkhizwa are among the mzansi actors who appear in it.

When he was 12 years old and in grade six, leremi was chosen for the role of Celement Letsoalo on SABC1’s Skeem Saam.

His largest role to date is that of the character. Vusi has brief cameos in a number of children’s shows and had previously appeared on Talakani Sasami.

On July 1, 1999, Vusi Leremi was born in Soweto, South Africa. When he was a child, his family reportedly moved to Johannesburg.

Given that his gay character, Clement, in the television series Skeem Saam, which he portrays masterfully, Vusi Leremi’s love life has come under scrutiny. In the episode, Celement and Tlotliso are dating.

Although heterosexual, the actor hasn’t revealed whether or not he’s dating. He acknowledged harboring feelings for TV host Pearl Modiadie.

Actor Lerato Marabe of Skeem Saam was initially mistaken for Vusi Leremi’s girlfriend after the two were frequently photographed together, but the actress eventually revealed her boyfriend.

The net worth of the skeem saam celebrity is projected to be $100,000 in 2023. he was paid

is almost R89,000 every month from the show. Among the vehicles owned by Vusi Leremi are a Ferrari and a Hyundai Tucson. He leases his Ferrari to customers for special events.


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