Cancelled! Seed ya' Imbewu

Cancelled! Seed ya’ Imbewu

Better days for Imbewu’s seed

After Season 5, Imbewu’s seeds are dispersed.

Seeds of imbewu for The Black Door

Although we could, we won’t torment you any further.

All this, and Imbewu no longer even has The Seed as its subtitle. You might remember that was eliminated in 2020 for Season 3 of the programme.

When we first contacted with Marlon Davids, managing director of, he gave us the following reasons:

“New plots have subsequently been establishe, but the essence of the original tale of who the real seed of Ngcolosi’s children is has been reveale. Additionally, because our viewers are aware that “Imbewu” is short for “The Seed,” it is no longer necessary.

Three years later, has said that the Grapevine-produced show would terminate in April 2023 after Season 5.

No reason  given, therefore we can only presume that eMedia has decide it is no longer worthwhile.

It is hardly unexpect because it has been so extensively move around. When The Black Door took over the iconic 21h30 position in April of last year, it was literally knocke off its perch.

At 21:30, it used to frequently draw between 3.5 and 4 million viewers, but after its shift, it has been lagging around the 2 million range. If you adhere to the TAMS, you will be familiar with everything.

Is it past its prime or ought the sixth season to have returned to 21h30?

A new, unname programme will take its place; hopefully, it won’t be another polygamy-centere programme. Enough is enough! Unless it offers us another viewpoint, such as that of a lady who has more than one partner.

At 2:00, it would function.

Imbewu is one of the primetime 2023 cancellations, along with The Queen on Mzansi Magic and Durban Gen on Durban Gen concludes in April, whereas The Queen concluded in January. No information has been release on The Black Door. The conclusion of Season 1 is also in April, thus a confirmation is require quickly.

And now, take a minute to consider Imbewu’s five seasons and consider your favourite moments, like TVSA member Nhetz did here.

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