“Bheki Cele’s Controversial Video Sparks Online Debate: Unraveling the Umkhaba wemali Mystery”

In a viral 35-second video clip, South Africa’s Minister of Police, Bheki Cele, found himself in the spotlight alongside a mystery woman, and the internet couldn’t stop buzzing about it. The video, filled with intriguing moments, led to various speculations and discussions, leaving many intrigued.

Exploring the Viral Video

In the video, the unidentified lady is seen playfully putting her arm around Minister Cele. The intriguing moment occurs when his hat accidentally falls to the ground, and she swiftly picks it up, placing it back on his head before sharing a warm embrace. Amidst laughter, she exclaims, “I want this man.”

"Bheki Cele's Controversial Video Sparks Online Debate: Unraveling the Umkhaba wemali Mystery"

"Bheki Cele's Controversial Video Sparks Online Debate: Unraveling the Umkhaba wemali Mystery"

However, Cele responds by gently pulling away, repeating, “no, no, no.” Nevertheless, he later places his arm over her shoulder, and she affectionately rubs his potbelly, referring to it as a “potbelly of wealth.” Cele’s gestures during this exchange reflect a mix of surprise and amusement as he taps her hand, signaling her to stop.

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The video continues with both individuals posing side by side, Cele’s arm draped over the woman’s shoulder, while she holds his hand. Laughter fills the air as she reminds Cele of an earlier promise, saying, “you said we should meet here.” In a playful manner, Cele responds by asking, “where do they find people like you?”

Social Media Reaction

This incident isn’t the first time Minister Cele has made headlines on social media. In June, a photograph of him with a group of young ladies garnered significant attention on various platforms, especially X (formerly Twitter). What drew widespread interest was Cele’s seemingly casual pose, with his right hand in his pocket.

While there are several interpretations of Cele’s poses and interactions in both instances, social media users have fueled speculations, suggesting underlying sexual undertones. This has sparked intense debates online, with netizens delving into the finer details of the videos and photographs.


The mysterious video featuring Minister Bheki Cele and the unidentified woman has captured the imagination of the online community. While some view it as a light-hearted moment, others speculate about the nature of their relationship. Cele’s previous social media appearances have only added to the intrigue.

As the online discourse continues, it remains to be seen whether this “Umkhaba wemali” mystery will ever be fully unraveled or if it will simply become another enigmatic moment in the world of social media.

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