Attacks on Zimdollar’s Taxi Fleet Spark Safety Concerns in KZN

In a startling series of events, Zimdollar Vikinduku Biyela, a prominent businessman and the brother of Ukhozi FM presenter, finds himself in a precarious situation as his taxi fleet faces relentless attacks. This troubling scenario has forced Biyela into hiding, fearing for his life after a staggering 14 of his taxis were torched within a week, creating a sense of insecurity and chaos in the KwaZulu Natal region.

Taxi Arson Wave Grips Empangeni

Recent incidents unfolded in KwaZulu Natal, where Biyela’s four taxis were set ablaze in various locations, escalating tensions in the area. Subsequently, another distressing occurrence transpired as 10 more taxis fell victim to arson while stationed at a car wash in Empangeni. This alarming trend brings the total number of Biyela’s torched taxis in Empangeni to a shocking 14 within a mere seven days. Worth noting is Biyela’s additional role as the Chairperson of the Sphembokuhle Taxi Association in Empangeni.

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Unraveling the Motive: A Brewing Taxi War

Authorities are actively investigating the motive behind the targeted attacks on Biyela’s taxi fleet in Empangeni. As of now, a case of destruction of property has officially opened. Sources close to the situation suggest a potential taxi war brewing in Empangeni, pointing to a power struggle within the local taxi association.

“It’s evident that a taxi war is brewing in Empangeni. Recently, individuals arrived at Emgodini Taxi Rank, instructing that Biyela’s taxis cease operations at that rank. They asserted their authority, accusing him of behaving as if he owns Empangeni. According to these enforcers, Biyela must adhere to the rules of the taxi association and not consider himself untouchable,” stated an anonymous source familiar with the matter.

Previous Shooting Incident Adds to the Mystery

Adding to the complexity of the situation is Biyela’s history of surviving a shooting incident in June. Following the attack, he reportedly went into hiding, seeking refuge in Cape Town. Speculation suggests that individuals claiming to be part of the National Intervention Unit (NIU) are pursuing him, heightening fears and uncertainties. The NIU’s involvement typically indicates serious allegations against an individual, raising questions about Biyela’s potential legal entanglements.

Official Confirmation and Ongoing Investigations

KwaZulu Natal SAPS spokesperson Robert Netshiunda acknowledge the incidents, confirming that Biyela’s taxis indeed set ablaze. “Empangeni police are actively investigating cases of malicious damage to property and armed robbery. Ten minibus taxis were torche at a car wash on Union Street in Empangeni on Thursday night,” stated Netshiunda.

According to the official statement, two unidentified suspects, armed with firearms, overpowered a security guard at the premises, subsequently burning the taxis and absconding with the guard’s firearm magazine and ammunition. Law enforcement is currently engage in a comprehensive search for the suspects.

In conclusion, the escalating attacks on Zimdollar Vikinduku Biyela’s taxi fleet in Empangeni raise serious concerns about the safety and stability of the region’s transportation services. As investigations unfold, the underlying causes of these targeted assaults remain shrouded in mystery, leaving both the community and authorities on edge.

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