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Babes Wodumo Returns Home: Gqom Star Moves Out of Matrimonial House Amid Health Struggles

Babes Wodumo Returns Home: Gqom Star Leaves Marital Residence Due to Health Issues

Gqom musician Babes Wodumo, whose true name is Bongekile Simelani, has made a significant choice for her well-being in the face of persistent health-related rumors. The tenacious singer recently relocated back to her parents’ house in order to find comfort and concentrate on her recuperation after experiencing health issues.

leaving the marital residence

After being released from the hospital more than two months ago, the gifted musician reportedly left her marital home and moved in with her parents.


According to reports, she had lung-related health difficulties and spent a brief time in the hospital in May.

Babes Wodumo Discovers Comfort in Family Support

Babes Wodumo made the decision to return to her parents’ house, where her mother is currently caring for her and providing a supportive environment for her recovery. Her health issues and the frequent influx of individuals utilizing the home’s recording studio, which made it difficult for her to heal, were the main reasons she decided to leave her marital home.

Resolute in Her Road to Recovery

Babes Wodumo is in high spirits and is concentrating on getting ready for the approaching holiday season, according to reliable sources who spoke to ZiMoja. She is motivated to give her followers nothing but the best.

when the celebrations start. In addition, the gifted musician is now finishing up her eagerly awaited new record in the studio.

Babes Wodumo Preserves the Musical Legacy of Her Husband

Babes Wodumo has said that she intends to release her record simultaneously with Mampintsha’s posthumous work, which is a touching development. Mampintsha had created music that was meant for release, but it stayed in Babes’ possession since DJ Tira asked him to concentrate on Big Nuz.

Infants Wodumo Thinking About a New Management Strategy

Sources claim that Babes Wodumo is thinking about hiring a new professional management team due to her health. Babes’ sister-in-law, her current manager, is accused of scheduling shows despite being aware of Babes’ need for rest and recuperation. This

Due to this, Babes has missed out on planned activities, which has stressed her out and maybe hurt her brand.

Babes’ absence from a recent event at the University of Zululand, where she was scheduled to perform but had to postpone because of her health, is one such case. Despite knowing Babes’ levels of fitness, sources allege that her sister’s actions have had a negative impact on her well-being and profession.


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