RIP: Alicia Ferguson lists what she misses most about Shona

As the day marked the second anniversary of her late father’s passing on July 30, Alicia Angel Ferguson, the daughter of the late seasoned actor and producer Shona Ferguson, posted a touching note to Instagram in memory of her late father.Thousands of followers were devastated in 2021 when word of Shona Ferguson’s passing spread. According to the BBC, he passed away at Milpark Hospital from issues associated to Covid-19. The late Botswana-born actor-turned-producer won countless fans over with his laid-back demeanor and superb playing abilities in a number of plays, including some of his productions like The Queen, Kings of J’oburg, and more.


He is renowned for his commitment to his family as well since he frequently collaborated with his wife, Connie Ferguson, both on and off camera. According to Kaya FM, the pair started dating in July 2001 and was married in November. The following year, they had their first child, Alicia, who just posted a devastating note about her late father on her page.

When Fede, Sho Even though it seems like yesterday, it has been two years since you left. The letter said, “The void never gets better, but I believe the presence of God is encouraging us to move forward and be strong.Alicia Ferguson listed all the characteristics of her father that she missed the most. She demonstrated in her list that, in fact, the little things are what count.


I anticipate you calling me every day to ask, “What’s for lunch?” or “Juice, I need a snap,” respectively. I miss taking your pictures personally. I miss our nonsense-filled FaceTime conversations. I miss your scent in the hallway. Although I miss bugging you when you were at work, I can only hope that you are now and will always be at peace, she remarked.The stunning young lady who has been lauded for having her father’s appearance said that she looks up to her father and touched the hearts of her social media admirers.

“I want to thank you for setting the best example—both personally and spiritually. I hope to wear God like you do, and I have a heart as kind and generous as yours Fa♥️ I love and miss you always Fa♥️🕊️,” Alicia’s letter concluded.

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